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Cal Poly Diversity and Inclusivity Awards

The President's Diversity Awards have been re-named the Cal Poly Diversity and Inclusivity Awards. 

The awards will continue to be organized by the Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity, with nominations collected and recommended by the Inclusive Excellence Council.

The 2015-16 President's Diversity Awards - Congratulations to the Nominees and Winners!

The President’s Diversity Awards celebrated members of the Cal Poly community who have exhibited a commitment to diversity. The awards were an opportunity to recognize individual members from the faculty, staff, and student communities as well as contributions from a recognized student organization and university group.  The Diversity Awards ceremony will took place on Thursday, May 19, 2016.

Individual recipients received a $500 award and the recognized groups each received a $1,000 sponsorship toward a program/event, or a budget augmentation.  Below is a list of the nominees.  The awardees have an asterisk next to their name or group. 

Individual Faculty Award

Candace Winstead & Meghan Farrier-Nolan
Gloria Velasquez
Julee Bauer
Mark Bieraugel
Sandi Clement
Tom Trice
Unique Shaw-Smith*
Individual Staff Award
Appy Frykenberg
Bradley Kyker
Catherine Trujillo*
Delfina Medina-Maloney*
Erika Staffero
Julia Martinez
Kris McKinlay
Lauren Irwin
Mardel Baldwin
Noya Kansky
Que Dang
Sergio Perez & Jessica Fred
(There were two awards in this category due to a tie)
Individual Student Award
Aurora Chavez
Brianti Williams
Carla Simental 
Isamar Hernandez
Mario Espinoza
Marlen Diaz Castaneda*
Matt Klepfer and Mick Bruckner
Mehra Gharibian
Nicole Giusti
Sandeep Badhan & Shayan Emamjomeh
Tyler Baker
Zulema Aleman
Recognized Campus Organization Award Nominees
Chicana Latino Faculty Staff Association
INRE Minor Development Faculty*
The Undocumented Student Working Group
Recognized Student Organization Award Nominees
Black Student Union
Queer Student Union
SLO Solidarity
United Sorority & Fraternity Council 

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